My Delima

The wedding is going to be on May 27th, and your caterer said she needed a head count by May 1st, and you wanted to leave enough breathing room for RSVPs to trickle in late since some of the guests will be coming from Canada. And while it should be enough time my delima comes from having to do the bridal shower. It will be April 29th which leaves me in a little bit of an odd spot. I am thinking of trying to role it a week back since the atendees may just overlook my request for RSVP no latter than the 22nd. I know it seems early but I’m getting my invitations done on Etsy and the woman wants to get them worked off. She suggested that I have RSVP cards done as well if I want to have the guests reply. But I am a little skeptical that they would reply just because there was a card in the envelope. It sort of seems like a ploy to get a little bit more out of the gig. They also mention it here on this bridal shower invitation related website. Which also makes me wonder if that is the stanadard procedure or if it is like with the lady on Etsy. I would link her shop, but if she is just pulling the wool over my eyes then I don’t want to.

Another thought was that I just make a request to do it va text or telephone so that they could get it taken care of easy enough. It really just needs to be a rough head count since I have plans to make the food myself and whenever I host I like to pack things up and send them home with my guests. One of the things that could through a little out of whack is the seating and activites.

On top of that the list is pretty big, and I have heard things like you can’t expect more than half of the people to show, but … and here is that but. When they do show I would probably need to move some people out to the garage, don’t worry, part of it is usuable and my brother would lend me a heater if I needed it but that would be this utterly lame bridal shower. Can you imagine eating your cake off paper plates in the garage next to the oil stain?

Yeah, so you see my delema.

I don’t want to randomly pick a date out of a hat or anything if there’s a better way to go about this. I was thinking something like a week in advanced should be alright as long as people actually do reply with an RSVP, but I have no idea.

For me personally the extra card is out of my budget, not becuase I can’t afford it but because I don’t want to spend the money. While that makes me sound cheap I am already paying for the bridal shower alone and I have some plans that also need to be financed. There are options for online RSVPs that would be find for 80% of the guests, but the older ones might not be able to use them. Thus the phone. My thought about the online option though is that it is a little tacky.

I will let you know what I decide.

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